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Good Morning / Good Afternoon/ Good Evening,  Everyone.

I am Rakeeb Ahmed. My Blog is  educationshala.in

I will continue to share content related to all these on my blog related to education and related to my experience.
I will keep giving you information related to education on my blog so that you do not have any problem during or after education.With which you will know which education I want to make my career in and how I have to told myself in my career.

The problem that comes in your education life, because of which you are not able to choose your career. So I will continue to put similar content related to education on my blog, so that you do not face any problem during education.

I will also be putting life related content on my blog. Due to which you can face the difficulties in life by reading my blog.
I am working in limited company and with affiliate marketing and blogger and I am a graduate student.  I am from India, this is beautiful place and beautiful country.

Name - Mohd Rakeeb Ahmed
Email - rakeebahmed686@gmail.com
Country - India

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