SME Banking Career Scope, Eligibility and Some colleges

SME Banking means Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Banking. You will get to work in banking related to all banking course entrepreneurs. 

Career in SME Banking

The Indian Banking and Finance Industry is developing rapidly with the passage of time. In this, the youth are going to get plenty of employment opportunities. Today a lot is available in the banking and finance sector beyond the traditional course. Today the banking sector in India has expanded so much that more than 67 thousand branches of commercial and cooperative banks are functioning. 

It is expected that by 2040, India will become the third largest banking hub in the world. In this era of globalization, not only has there been an unprecedented change in the Indian economy, but it has also given a new direction to the Indian corporate sector. Clearly, new jobs are emerging in the corporate sector. Many banks have also opened their SME Banking i.e. Small and Medium Enterprises sector. 

If you also want to give a new dimension to your career in the corporate sector, then you can start career as SME Banker. In view of this, now some professional courses like Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma have also come into vogue. This course not only facilitates the career path in the SME sector of private banks and also you can apply in TradeX started by Reserve Bank of India.

What is SME Banking

SME Banking i.e. Small and Medium Enterprises Banking, this banking sector works or provides loans or funding to those businessmen who are running or thinking of starting small or medium business in the country or abroad. The SME also represents the core functions of the general business finance market. 

Let us tell you that more than 2 crore 60 lakh small and medium enterprises are working in India, which have provided employment to more than 8 crore people. It was also found during a survey. It is said that SMEs also contribute 10 percent to India's GDP and the work of funding these SMEs is done by the SME banker.

What does SME Banker do?

According to Amit Goel, Director, TKWS Institute of Banking and Finance, SME banking is a core part of the bank, in which the working banker has the same responsibilities and challenges as a corporate banker. The main job of an SME banker is to test the credibility of small businesses that have come for funding or loans in a better way and have to fund those businesses, which play an important role in increasing employment along with business in the country. leads to progress.

Career Prospectus

Most of the private banks running in India, along with public sector banks, have also created a different platform for SMEs so that small and medium-sized businesses can get the most out of it. Such as TradeX of Reserve Bank of India, SME Connect of State Bank of India, Mudra Finance, HDFC SME Banking etc. 

Apart from this, many more small finance banks like Aquitas Bank have also opened in the country, which are providing a lot of employment. In banking sector interested students can easily start a new career in this field.

About the Course

Global PG Diploma in Banking & Finance is a one year course. Under this, subjects like Banking Operations, Wealth Management, Trade Finance, Forex, Finance SMEs are taught and taught. In this course, students are given basic knowledge of computers, business communication and how the stock market works. 

The student is also well trained on how to become a professional banker and trader and how to work in any emergency and situation so that he can handle professional events like Bankers Meet or Leadership Summit.


Graduate students can apply for this course in banking and finance.

Colleges/Institute :-

1. Indira Gandhi National Open University - New Delhi

2. TKWS Institute of Banking and Finance - New Delhi

3. Manipal University - Karnataka

4. Symbiosis International University - Mumbai

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