CDS Exams - Eligibility, Age, Selection, Study Material?

The Combined Defense Services (CDS) exam is going to be conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. For this, 41 centers have been set up across the country. This exam is conducted twice a year by UPSC.

How to prepare for CDS exam in 2 months

The passion to do something for the country and the attraction of the youth towards the career paths related to the defense of the country has increased very fast. A bright future can be achieved through the Combined Defense Services (CDS) examination in this drive to serve the country.

New efforts are being started to fill a large number of vacant posts of officers in the Armed Forces. Under this, more recruitment will also be done through Combined Defense Services (CDS). Through the Combined Defense Services exam, one can join the Indian Army (Army Wing), Navy (Navy Wing) and Air Force (Air Force Wing).

The military is a field that has the highest potential for professional growth, with a very high standard of living and leadership and trust going hand in hand. Successfully passing this exam is prepared through training to be a part of the Indian Army. This exam is conducted twice every year by the Union Public Service Commission. 

For selection in this exam examination advertisements are published in various newspapers in March/April and October/November and the course (training) starts in January and July every year. After clearing this exam, one can start a prestigious and courageous life as an army officer by training for 03 years.

Age Limit & Physical Standards

It is to be mentioned that the Combined Defense Services entrance test can be given only by those candidates who are between 18 years to 22 years of age and who are unmarried. Also, the height of Army and Navy should be at least 157.5 cm. and 162.5 cms for the Airforce. is necessary. It is also necessary to fulfill various vision related standards in the Combined Defense Service.

Educational Qualifications

Educational Qualification for the Army Wing to appear in the Combined Defense Services Selection Test. The qualification has been prescribed to be a graduate (in Arts, Commerce, Science or any group). For the Airforce and Navy, the applicant must have passed 12th class with Physics, Maths and Chemistry subjects along with graduation.

Scheme Of Selection Examination

The selection process of Combined Defense Services goes through two stages, in which the first stage is written examination and the second stage is interview.

How is the preparation strategy? 

For those youths who want to go to the service of the nation through the Combined Defense Services exam, it is important for them to make a clear strategy for the exam and prepare accordingly. Questions related to Maths, English and General Knowledge and General Awareness are asked in this selection test, so the candidate should keep an equal eye on all these three subjects. By clearly dividing these three subjects, success in the examination can be achieved.

General Knowledge: 

Most of the questions are asked by Physics, Chemistry, Science, Social Science and Current Affairs. So the candidate should have knowledge related to all these subjects. To prepare for the question paper in General Knowledge, the candidate should study Physics, Chemistry and General Science thoroughly. One should make a habit of memorizing the major equations and chemical formulas associated with them. 

The main facts of History and Geography should be remembered. Keep in touch with newspapers and magazines related to competitive exams. Books that can be useful for the preparation of General Studies are NCERT 10th, 11th and 12th History, Economics, Political Science and Economics Books, freedom Struggle - Vipin Chandra, Geography of India - Mamoria etc.


You must have a clear understanding of the subject to solve the questions asked under the maths subject because maths questions can be solved only on the basis of the knowledge of formulas. In the absence of knowledge of formulas, solving the questions of this subject is not only difficult but impossible. Try to understand something instead of cramming it while solving the questions of this topic.

UPSC has made a beautiful adjustment of the thematic syllabus to facilitate the study of the students. The syllabus of Maths is mainly divided into the following sections – Algebra, Vector Algebra, Trignometry, 2 and 3 Dimension Geometry, Calculus, Statistics and Probability, Differential Equations, Integral Calculus and Statistics. The overall study of maths can be done by dividing it into these subjects. For General Maths, R. s. The books of Agarwal and M. Tyra are useful.


There is a section related to English under General Ability. Therefore, the study of English is also mandatory. English question papers are such that the candidate's understanding of English and skillful use of words can be tested. Under this, questions are asked about Grammar and Usage, Miscellaneous Vocabulary, Clause Test, Paragraph Structure, Antonym, Synonym. Students should prepare by keeping these facts in mind. 

For the preparation of English, students should always emphasize increasing the power of words, because word makes word, word makes sentence and sentence makes paragraph. One should read newspapers daily and collect difficult words. The habit of writing essay and application forms etc. in English should be inculcated. You should strengthen your grip on grammar. Rajendra Prasad Sinha and Martin & Nesfield's English Grammar are useful books for General English and Grammar.


After success in the written examination of Combined Defense Services, the candidate is selected by interview before the Services Selection Board. In the interview, the candidate's knowledge of current affairs is tested, his confidence and attitude are also tested. In this way, those youths in whom these obstacles. 

They have the ability and ability to cross, they are considered worthy of training to go to the defense of the country. Success in the Combined Defense Services (CDS) exam proves to be a sign of talent, courage, lofty intentions and a personality of service to the nation.

Mental Strength Required

Where mental strength is seen in other examinations, then in this examination both physical and mental strength are necessary. This is the reason why candidates who qualify for this exam become military officers at an early age. If you also have the quality of officers and want to serve the country by becoming an officer, then this is a great opportunity for you.

Be Ready for a Tough Exam

Candidates who clear the written test are called for interview and take a personal test by the Service Selection Board i.e. SSB in the Army. The main objective of this stage of the examination is to test the personality of the candidate, his intelligence and the quality of his officers as an officer in the army. 

SSB centers are located in many cities of the country and the candidate is called only at the center nearest to him. Usually the SSB interview is of five days, but on the first day there is a screening test, in which a psychological test is taken.

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