Career in Information Technology: Courses, Jobs & Scope

World has rapidly moved towards the digital age. Companies have completely changed themselves according to technology. Now more efficient and strategic work is being done than before. 

Career in Information Technology

All these are indications that there are going to be golden job opportunities in the IT sector in the coming days. If we talk about future jobs, we will find that very important developments and changes are going to happen in the field of IT ie information technology. The roles and responsibilities of the jobs of the future are going to be redefined over time. With the passage of time, there are going to be drastic changes in the current job roles in the IT sector.

Soon, these four roles will be prominent in the golden opportunities coming in the IT sector – infrastructure, development, security and data. But with time, there are going to be radical changes in the work going on inside them. Work is still done in all the four areas but these four major areas are now going to take a new form.

Jobs in Infrastructure Sector

Technical Support/Help Desk/Service Desk Worker: Technical Support Desk roles currently fall under "Information Technology Service Managers (ITSM)" whereas now ITSM's job role has gone beyond mere "break fix" support. Big changes are going to happen in the next ten years.

This will include PC support troubleshooting network issues, mobile phone related equipment support, login and authentication support, and equipment operating system disruptions and 'cleaning up' responsibilities. It is the fastest growing job right now and has become the most important job for all the companies like never before. 

People working in IT sector are aware of almost all the roles of this job. Even those who are working as a managed service provider. Below we are mentioning about these roles. 


The world is constantly going through a shortage of skilled IT professionals who understand the cloud, while many surveys are continuously telling this.

It is known that almost all large companies are ready to move to the cloud, but they are constantly struggling due to low cloud related skills and low knowledge of cloud IT professionals. In fact, implementing it efficiently in cloud-based jobs has become a challenge. This job role has also incorporated new requirements over time, but such professionals are not yet ready. 

New insights include a better understanding of information security, more about Containerization, how to use cloud technologies to control information, its cost, and the changes in its behavior. Data migration (data installation) of a company to the cloud and vice versa has emerged as an interesting industry in itself.

Additional Job Roles

System Engineer / Cloud Virtualization Engineer: This is the job of a person who Not only manage the virtual platforms needed to move to the cloud, but also create them. Such people are sometimes also called cloud computing service managers. 

Linux Administrator: 

A person who manages Linux well-versed with operating systems, as well as how Linux and Windows operating system servers can be integrated with cloud virtual platforms. Cloud Architect: The responsibilities of this job include solving business needs. Chief among these are security-related services, sophisticated enterprise resource management (ERM) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Development Sector Jobs

Data Programmer: Having knowledge of different computer languages ​​and having maximum knowledge about data. This means that instead of simply creating program sequences, the responsibilities of this job include data Analysis of data, good knowledge of data business related topics, after that how to release these data as an information, having a better knowledge of it has been included in the role of this job. A programmer is now required to do more business oriented work than ever before.

Automation Developer: 

As programmers increase, they will need a lot of people who have a good understanding of automation of data. In such a situation, the importance of automation developer or engineer will increase rapidly. Along with this, there will be a drastic change in the responsibilities in the job roles. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer: 

This job is associated with programmers. If not today then tomorrow the programmer will need to install artificial intelligence, because as soon as the programmer arrives, the transfer of a large number of data will start. In such a situation, programmers will need AI services. Along with this, he will also demand to prepare such applications in future which keep on updating itself. 

The prime requirement of this job is also to create an AI developer with in-depth knowledge of computer languages ​​such as C++, Java, Python, Prolog and LISP. 

Cloud Developers: Responsibilities Already Exist cloud technology (Amazon Web Service, Edger, Service improve existing software) and have to keep improving.

Security Specialist Jobs: 

This is a very important and fast-changing job. It constantly changes with time. This person works almost like a 'blue team' in a team that protects their systems from hackers.

Vulnerability Assessor or Gate Keeper: 

These are also known as Entrance Inspectors. This person primarily works closely with the security specialist. This person is responsible for allowing and not allowing anyone to enter his system. In many cases, they work like a 'red team'. It constantly monitors that when and where attacks are happening in our system and where our system is getting weak.

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