Career in Criminology and Forensic: Scope, Jobs, Salary, College in India

Crime has been presenting new challenges to the civilized society. Many a times criminals manage to escape due to lack of evidence, lack of proper investigation and destruction of evidence in a short time. 

Criminologist Course

New methods have been emerging to deal with crime and solve the mysteries of crime committed by vicious criminals. Now the help of experts is being taken in this field also. These experts are known as criminologists or criminologists and they assist the police in solving crimes. There is less show off and more hard work in this field. 

Along with this, crime scientists have to be present in court proceedings as and when required. Students studying in this field have to take special care of time because proofs are usually destroyed if not done quickly. For a successful career in the field of Criminology and Forensic Science, you must have a sharp and investigative mind. 

You should also have patience and subtle analytical vision. If you have the understanding of connecting various links together and reaching the conclusion, then this field can become a career field for you.

Work of Criminology

The field of work of criminologist or criminologist is continuously expanding. In case of any kind of criminal incident, the police takes the help of a criminologist. For example, if a murder has taken place, the criminologist will do a detailed examination of the place of occurrence, examination of fingerprints, blood stains, examination of the weapon used in the crime, examination of everything present at that place which may lead to the arrest of the criminal. Help can be received, can contribute. 

This type of crime would not have been possible without a scientist. In addition to the traditional crimes like subtle investigation theft, dacoity Criminologists are also required in solving theft of essential documents, murder, terrorist incidents, cyber crimes and so on. In order to curb the increasing crimes in the country, the need for trained people in various fields related to these is being felt a lot. 

Criminologist has an important role to control the increasing crime. In criminology, an in-depth study of the behavior, behaviour, thinking and social process towards crime is done. Criminologists raised to the complexities of crime, criminology. Studying the steps to be taken and their reasons, understanding and defining it and the success of the efforts made for its prevention analyses all such things. 

Criminologists also contribute to the study of drug abuse, juvenile and youth justice systems, juvenile delinquency, and police administration and their policy amendments. Apart from this, psychological, social and biological points related to criminology are analysed.

Subjects of Criminology

Criminology is a very broad field. In this, success cannot be achieved by studying only in Criminology. For criminologists, knowledge of a variety of subjects is essential. Like psychology, sociology, history etc. That's why specialization in any one subject is also necessary. Since this field is related to the society, youths with a good understanding of mathematics, high logical ability and psychotherapist qualities have been seen to be more successful in understanding the psychology of the society and in-depth investigation of data. 

Many areas for criminologists Work options are open. The way the criminal incidents are increasing day by day, the development of new techniques to combat them is also happening at the same speed. Criminals claim while committing crime that they are not going to leave any such evidence at the scene so that the police can nab them, but criminologists find some way or the other to catch them by taking the help of forensic science. 

In the forensic branch of criminology, the identification of criminals is done by using microscopic techniques from the hair of the head, teeth, palm and thumb impressions. The study of fingerprints left by the criminal on something at the time of crime also comes under this. Many universities in the country are offering courses in forensic science. 

These courses have both degree and diploma. Diploma courses are for short duration, while degree courses provide various types of training in addition to new technologies related to this field. One year certificate course facility is also available in some universities.

Ample employment opportunities are available after doing certificate course in forensic science but if the candidates want to enhance the employment prospects then they should enroll in postgraduate courses. A master's degree in criminology is usually required to become a criminologist. In this, candidates wishing to take a master's degree can be graduates of any discipline. 

Career Scope in different field

After completing the education one can start a career as a finger print expert, chemical analyst etc. For this Police Service, Intelligence Service, Crime Control Branch, In departments like Intelligence Bureau etc., vacancies keep coming out from time to time for such candidates. Many universities in the country are offering courses in Criminology. 

Due to the new changes in this field, the courses also keep on changing. Recently, in view of the increasing graph of cybercrime, while modifying the syllabus, intensive training related to cybercrime i.e. computer has also been included. Just as the graph of crimes is increasing day by day, similarly the possibilities of employment in this field are also increasing. 

The demand for criminologists has increased rapidly in various government departments as well as in the private sector. Apart from government sectors like CBI, IB, Police Administration, Indian Army Police, Research Analyst Wing, various government laboratories etc., there are also good employment opportunities in fast opening private detective companies and private laboratories are available. 

People working in these places get good facilities and good salary. Although criminologists work with judicial units or police administration, criminologists can also teach criminology, law and sociology during their research in any university. Apart from this, judicial agencies working at the local level also appoint crime scientists to the positions of policy makers and research officers. In the police department, they are appointed as crime analysts and researchers to prevent criminal tendencies.


1. Dr. B.K. R. Ambedkar University, Agra

2. Bundelkhand University, Jhansi

3. Lucknow University, Lucknow

4. Dr. Harisingh Gour University, Sagar, M.P.

5. St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

6. Government Arts and Science College, Aurangabad Delhi University, Delhi

7. Anna University, Chennai

8. Rashtra Sant Tukodoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur

9. Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur Apart from this, in many institutions of the country

Many related to Criminology, Forensic Science and Finger Print and Document Examinationo Curses are available.

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