Career in Social Media Marketing in India. Colleges, Salary, in Social Media Marketing

There are endless bright career opportunities in the field of social media marketing. At present, social media is emerging as one of the golden options of marketing career, mainly due to the large number of internet users in India at present.

Career in Social Media Marketing in India. Colleges, Salary, in Social Media Marketing

If you are also a user of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter then you must have seen many such advertisements. But social media marketing is a different job than these advertisements. In this, instead of marketing directly, the product is branded under a campaign. 

Significantly, social media marketing is the work of marketing a company or its product through social websites. Through this, some people or teams make a particular product or service very popular on social sites, which leads to a huge increase in the sale of that item or service. Most of them social Sites are Very Beneficial. 

Those who get more traffic, that is, people who visit that site continuously. The purpose of social media marketing is not only to increase the popularity of products, but people are also using it from many different perspectives. There are endless bright career opportunities in the field of social media marketing. 

Social media marketing is emerging as one of the brightest new career options in the present times. There are two reasons for this . Firstly, the number of Internet users in India is very high at this time and secondly, their number is expected to grow very fast in future. In India, more than 100 crore people use mobile phones. With the advent of cheap smartphones, various multinational companies cannot ignore this new trend.

Market experts believe that if a company has to stay competitive, it will have to take money out of the pockets of customers through this new digital medium.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more social sites are now in your pocket.  All the big companies of the world had already realised the usefulness of social sites. This is the reason to promote your company or products on these. 

He started a few years back. Significantly, social networking sites provide an opportunity for any person to interact directly with another person or group or company.  In such a situation, when a company comes to the social site, then people can directly post the doubts related to it. This is the reason why it doesn't take long for the product to become popular on the social site.

For example, the re-tweet and re-post options on Twitter allow a customer to test and test the product from a broader perspective and like or dislike it.  This leads to a huge increase in the number of people and a lot of information is also exchanged. It is much more effective than other marketing methods. Since the company itself answers each person, the customer's credibility with the company also increases rapidly. 

There are two types of work in social media marketing - promotion and monitoring. Promotion includes raising awareness and sales among people about the brand through social media, launch of new products, re-launch etc. Monitoring involves understanding how people are taking the brand and what is the response.

Experts in social media marketing are needed in the following areas.  

Twitter - Twitter gives companies a character limit to promote their products, in which a short tweet is written.  This tweet is directly linked to that product's website, Facebook profile, photos, videos, etc.  

YouTube - In this, companies reach their products to the customers with the help of videos.  

Facebook - In this video, photo or long description of any product can be posted.  It links directly to Twitter.  

Tumblr - It provides the facility to the company to create a blog, through which the customer can contact him himself.  

LinkedIn- It allows companies to create professional profiles.  In this also the link of Twitter etc. is attached.  

Instagram - Instagram gives companies the opportunity to directly connect with people and have their say.  

It is worth noting that different types of people come to every social site, so you have to understand how more people come to which type of site. For example, some time ago in a research it was told that the average age of users of Twitter is 28 years.  There are more women than men on Facebook. People between 18 and 29 years old use Instagram more. If you design advertisements, slogans, videos etc. based on such data, according to customers. 

Then you will get popularity soon. Create a tagline or share a video that will connect with people. Content related to people's emotions and life can make you a hero in this field. Just keep in mind that it is completely related to your product or company. Social media marketing is a visual world. It is also said that a good picture can contain thousands of words, so keep in mind that the content should be accompanied by an attractive photo.  The first demand of this field is that you give quick answers to the people. Interact with them as much as possible and try to connect with as many people as possible.  To get employment opportunities after doing the course of social media marketing, pay special attention to the following things - Build your profile on all the important job portals and social networking sites.  Highlight key words and skills in the resume. Do not give false information on your profile. Avoid posting wrong.  Take care of better communication skills in post.  Stay updated with the career section by visiting the websites of good institutes.

Some Colleges/Institute :- 

1. SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai 

2. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.  

3. Delhi School of Internet Marketing, New Delhi.  

4. Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, Delhi 

5. Indian Institute of Digital Marketing, Nagpur

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