How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing in India | Online Marketing Career Path in India

Online portals, which have become an alternative to a showroom or mall for shopping, have become quite popular.  These sites, which claim to deliver your favorite product to you in a few hours, are increasing day by day. A Report on Careers in the Online World of Marketing The number of online users in the country has seen a significant jump as compared to the previous years.  

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing in India
Online Marketing Career

If we talk about online shopping, then more than 2.5 crore people are shopping. The turnover of this industry is more than $ 12 billion today and it is expected to reach $ 75 billion by the year 2020. If we talk about only Indian online marketing sites, then alone they are doing business of crores and billions. 

Not only the frozen sites but also the new emerging sites with their innovation are making good profits in the online business. If these figures prove to be true regarding the future, then in the future, the field of online marketing will need a large number of skilled and fully knowledgeable people in this field.

It will not be easy for the education sector to meet this demand. Companies need people who have a complete understanding of online working.  Due to the huge demand that will arise in future, it will be extremely challenging for the industry to build a team of skilled people to suit the needs of the sector.

Employment of Area :- 

The world of online marketing is huge. That is why there are huge employment opportunities in it. For example, e-business consultant, database administrator, supply chain manager, business analyst, project manager, customer relation manager, web developer, consultant, team leader, there is also an option of a good entrepreneur. Apart from these, new job opportunities are being created in the field of Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Warehouse, Graphics. 

Some career options in online sites -

1. Data Analyst :- 

The increasing number of online customers and the increasing scope of these portals doing online marketing has increased the work of data analysis in the country very fast. In fact, data analysts not only keep the company's data safe, but also analyze it properly. Due to the growing scope of the online sector, there will be more opportunities in the coming years. Due to these portals doing.

2. Logistics Services :-

Online marketing, there is an opportunity to grow Logistics very fast. On the one hand, while making shopping easy on the portal is no less difficult, delivery is also no less than a challenge for these companies. All online shopping companies do product booking online, but from the correct packing of those products to their safe delivery to the customers, the entire responsibility of the logistics is on the shoulders. In this sector, recruitment is happening very fast on all the posts like Booking Manager, Product Manager, Customer Care Executive, Delivery Boy.

3. SMO (Social Media Optimizer) 

The most important function of Social Media Optimizer (SMO) is to generate traffic for these online marketing portals through social media sites present around the world i.e. ranking by increasing the hits to the client website through social media.  to improve  This work can be done privately or even by joining a company.  Benefits of doing it privately.  It happens that you can earn more money by having multiple clients.  It is the job of the SMO to make all the updates related to the company to their target audience spread across the world.

4. SMM (Social Media Manager) 

Social media manager is also helpful in solving your brand's crisis solution in a better way.  That is, the job of a social media manager is to establish a better contact between the customer and the client.  They are busy promoting their online marketing sites in an effective and formal way.  It works as two way communication. Finds the right channel for his company, then presents his product to the public with a meaningful plan.  Social media manager comes under New Media.  In view of the demand of social media manager, many institutes have also started separate courses for this.


In this course, subjects like Sales, Inventory Management, Customer Service and Marketing are taught.  However, the syllabus of the course of different institutes may be different.  Apart from this, e-business security, procurement, customer service, logistics, after sales services are also included in the course.

Eligibility :-

Graduate for Course: Intermediate should be passed with 50% marks.  At the same time, for admission to postgraduate, the student must have passed a graduate degree or its equivalent course from a university / institute / college established under the rules.

Salary :-

Salary depends on which course you have passed.  While graduate students earn 25-35 thousand rupees monthly, while post graduate students like MBA, students are getting monthly salary of 30-50 thousand rupees.

Colleges/Institute :-

1. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bangalore
Link -

2. Deviprasad Goyanka Management College, Mumbai
Link -

3. Digital Marketing Pro, Noida 
Link -

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