Best Course for Commerce Students after Graduation | What After Commerce Graduation

what percentage of you surprise that area unit all the foremost effective career choices when commerce graduation? What area unit all the foremost effective courses when graduation? The way to reach the most effective career when graduation? How to achieve the best career after graduation? Bachelor of commerce and Bachelor Of Business Administration is among the most popular graduation courses that students take after completing their Colleges.

Best Course for Commerce Students after Graduation | What After Commerce Graduation
Best Course for Commerce Students After Graduation

In today’s day and age, getting a commerce degree is crucial for a commerce student, but it is not enough. It is not easy to find high paying jobs for commerce graduates if one has not chosen the right courses after B.Com and BBA. This article will help you know more about after B.Com and BBA jobs and salary details. Completing a degree can’t promise you a great career after B.Com and BBA. One has to take up post-graduation or professional certificate to have a well-established career after B.Com and BBA degree. 

There are different career options available to students after completing a graduate degree in B.Com and BBA, but not all students are aware of the different routes they can take to establish a successful career. Let’s discuss the available career options after B.Com and BBA that you might consider for a stable job opportunity in the future. 

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Best Career Options After B.Com and BBA

1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

3. Company Secretary (CS)

4. Master of Commerce (M.Com)

5. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

6. Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT)

7. Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

8. US Certified Public Accounting (CPA)

9. Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

10. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

11. Certified Financial Planner

12. Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB)

13. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

14. Digital Marketing


1. Master of Business Administration(MBA)

MBA is that the hottest course offered for college students & one amongst the most effective courses when B.Com, not simply graduating from commerce however the other field. during this course, you learn to manage all the aspects of a business supported the specialization you select.

For MBA, you would like to clear CAT or Common Admission check. Your CAT score determines that school you get into. it's one amongst the most effective career choices. It’s counseled to try and do Master in Business Administration when finishing 2-3 years of labor. If you can’t be ready to do full-time Master in Business Administration owing to varied reasons, you'll be able to take Master in Business Administration course from NMIMS, & Coursera varied international firms rent contemporary Master in Business Administration graduates, and also the beginning earnings ranges from five lakhs once a year to twenty five lakhs once a year supported the Institute you graduated from and one amongst the most effective courses when and BBA.

According to payscale, the average salary of MBA graduates is 7.2 LPA in India.

2. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

The first course that typically involves the mind of a commerce student as a career choice is CA. CA is one in every of the most effective career choices when B.Com. in contrast to Associate in Nursing master's degree, students will enroll for CA right when finishing highschool. CA contains 3 stages, namely CPT, IPCC, and CA Finals. Clearing all 3 stages along side Associate in Nursing billet of two.5 years causes you to an authorized comptroller. Arguebly it's one in every of the most effective career choices when bcom.

The period of this course is 3 years, and this course may land you jobs in international corporations like EY or Deloitte. you'll be able to conjointly open your own CA firm and apply your degree so it's one in every of the simplest courses when B.Com.

Average earnings of CA graduates is Rs. 7.9 LPA in India

3. Company Secretary (CS)

If you're questioning what to try and do once, Company Secretary (CS) is one among the various crucial job roles in a company. A caesium is accountable for managing all the legal aspects of a firm/organization. Company Secretaries sometimes beware of a company’s tax returns, maintain tax records, supply unjust recommendation to the board of administrators, and make sure that all the legal and statutory rules area unit met with and one among the most effective courses once

To become a corporation Secretary, you want to study company law. this can be a 3-year long degree comprised of 3 stages – Foundation, Intermediate, and Finals.

The wage vary of caesium in Republic of India ranges between Rs four – ten LPA. in step with PayScale the common wage of caesium is Rs. 5.8 LPA that makes it one among the enticing career once bcom.

4. Master of Commerce (M.Com)

M.Com is that the master’s course in commerce. This degree is two years long in period and may be earned through any government recognized university or school in Asian country. This course helps you master the ideas you learned as a B.Com student and apply it within the skilled world.

M.Com may be a post graduation degree in commerce. except for commerce, this specialization additionally focuses on fields accounting, business management, economics, banking & finance, finance & management, and taxation, to call a number of. M.Com is that the ideal course for aspirants UN agency want to make a career within the BFSI (banking money services and insurance) sector or the accounting and taxation sectors.

The average salary of M.Com graduates is Rs. 3.7 LPA

5. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

The hired securities analyst (CFA) may be a globally recognized skilled designation offered by the CFA Institute. Generally, the CFA course period is two.5 years, and it's designed to live and certify the ability and integrity of economic analysts. CTA may be a nice selection if you're involved concerning once jobs and pay.

The CFA course includes a large vary of topics within the domain of advanced investment analysis, as well as statistics, economics, applied math, finance, security analysis, money analysis, fastened financial gain, derivatives, different investments, and portfolio management, among different things that created this one in every of the simplest courses once B.Com.

To accomplish the designation of a CFA, you want to pass a three-tier examination. Since CFA is taken into account to be the very best commonplace within the trade, CFAs ar recruited by a number of the highest players like JP Morgan, syndicalist Sachs, UBS, Black Rock, Morgan Stanley, and Royal Bank of Canada.

The average remuneration of a leased securities analyst is Rs. 6.6 LPA that makes it one among the fascinating career once bcom.

6. Business Accounting & Taxation (BAT)

Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) Course could be a program that's meticulously designed by business specialists to groom aspirants to become industry-ready for accounting job roles. it's a superb career possibility for B.Com graduates. during this program, you may not solely have interaction in sensible and experiential learning however additionally master a number of the foremost in-demand tools of the accounting and taxation business and one among the simplest courses when

The course learning modules comprise of topics like monetary news mistreatment ERP package, finalisation of monetary statements, merchandise and repair tax (GST), direct taxation, payroll elements ESIC, and stand out and MIS news.

After finishing this intensive course, you'll be able to make a choice from Associate in Nursing array of promising job profiles, like tax adviser, company paralegal, company law assistant, finance manager, accounts government, and tax analyst, to call some.

The average salary for BAT usually ranges between Rs. 4 LPA.

7. Certified Management Accountant ( CMA)

CMA is that the answer if you're wondering a career once bcom in abroad. during this course, you'll need to clear 2 stages of examination along side a piece expertise of two years.

The Certified Management comptroller (CMA) is another globally acknowledged skilled certification written document that's offered by the Institute of Management Accountants within the USA. It focuses on 2 fields – management accounting and money management. If you possess this certification, it means you're competent and knowledgeable in areas like money designing, analysis, control, call support, and skilled ethics. To be a CMA-certified skilled, you need to clear 2 stages of examination and even have a piece expertise of 2 years.

After getting the CMA certification, you'll be able to notice employment opportunities in organizations of all sizes and across all industries. From public and personal enterprises and not-for-profit organizations to educational establishments, Government entities (USA), and MNCs – CFA-certified professionals area unit continually in-demand.

Average salary of CMA is Rs. 8.1 LPA in India.

8. US Certified Public Accounting (CPA)

Another globally-recognized skilled designation in our list is Certified Public comptroller. it's offered by the yankee Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and one in all the most effective courses once To pursue this course, you want to possess in-depth data of typically accepted accounting principles (GAAP). to get the accountant license, you want to have a solid background in accounting, together with in depth education (at least a hundred and fifty hours) and pass a rigorous four-part examination.

CPAs square measure answerable for making ready budget audits and alternative attestation services to assist inform investors concerning the money health of firms and corporations. Also, they provide recommendation on taxes and money going to each companies and people. Their primary duty is to produce money coverage and consultive services to encourage educated decision-making and foster money growth.

The average salary of CPAs in India is Rs. 6.9 LPA.

9. Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

For a recognized degree in banking and finance, FRM is a wonderful possibility.

The designation of economic Risk Manager (FRM) is obtainable by the worldwide Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). it's the gold customary within the money and risk management trade. If you get this certification, it indicates that you simply have a sound understanding of risk management ideas within the gift dynamic money market. this is often a comparatively short course of 9 months.

To become AN FRM-certified skilled, you need to complete GARP’s FRM Program. Exams area unit sometimes conducted in 2 elements in might and Gregorian calendar month. FRM is one in all the most effective courses once

A money Risk Manager’s primary job duty is to spot and analyze threats to the corporate assets, earning capability, and its performance or success within the market. money Risk Managers will add sales, non-public banking, loan origination, credit/market risk, trading, marketing, and money services.

After finishing this course, your average pay vary are anyplace between Rs ten – eighteen LPA in Republic of India.

After completing this course, your average salary range will be anywhere between Rs 10 – 18 LPA in India.

10. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

For all the scholars WHO area unit speculative what to try and do once bcom, this standard course is accepted in 173 countries and is opted by thousands of scholars worldwide. 

There area unit fourteen papers that you simply have to be compelled to clear during this course, and also the length of this course is 2 years. international corporations have a high demand for the graduates of this course and pay a regular payment starting from five to sixteen lakhs creating it one in every of the simplest careers once bcom.

11. Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

CFP is one in all the simplest courses when BCom. it's a period of vi months and avail career choices sort of a money authority and insurance authority for its graduates. an authorized money planner provides services to his shoppers like an expert on topics like investment plans, insurance selections, tax issues, and customized money recommendation.

The CFP certification may be a recognition of experience in fields like money coming up with, taxes, insurance, estate coming up with, and retirement. To earn this certification, you want to meet four formal necessities – education, performance on the CFP communicating, relevant work expertise, and incontestable skilled ethics.

Average salary of certified financial planners is Rs. 3.9 LPA in India.

12. Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB)

To get a certificate in investment banking, you’ll need to take the CIB course for 6 months. agent position is one amongst the most effective career choices when the typical regular payment for this course is incredibly high. during this job, your role are going to be to supply your shoppers along with your experience in raising capital by merchandising equities and supplying debts within the company.

The Certified in Investment Banking (CIB) is AN intensive international certification test specially designed to judge your data, understanding, and skills in investment banking. The CIB program is sometimes six-months long, and it tests your ability to form a scientific and strategic approach to see the valuation for each listed and unlisted corporations within the context of Mergers and Acquisitions, LBOs, IPOs, company actions and restructuring, finances analysis, and alternative crucial investment selections.

After finishing the CIB course, you'll be able to build a career in investment banking, personal equity, equity analysis, hedge funds, plus management, personal wealth management, and company finance and strategy.

Average salary for Investment Bankers in India is Rs. 9.6 LPA in India.

13. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

A very easy however useful course you'll be able to decide on once B.Com is B.Ed. The information that you just have nonheritable as a is utilized in your profession as an educator.

After finishing B.Com, maybe one among the foremost simple career ways is that the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). B.Ed may be a 2-year long postgraduate teaching program that's expressly designed to permit students to make a career in lecturers that created B.Ed one among the most effective course once bcom. If you secure around 50-55% in your graduation from a recognized university in Republic of India, you're eligible for this course.

Usually, the course structure of B.Ed. programs embody work in pedagogy, instructional science, instructional policy and leadership, tutorial technology, assessment, social justice, education, syllabus development, and lesson coming up with. though it looks like a straightforward alternative, once getting a B.Ed degree, your average annual wage package will vary anyplace between Rs. 2.5 – 4 LPA.

14. Digital Marketing 

If you're trying to find an inspired job, digital promoting is your go-to course. you'll be able to learn what’s and how’s of the digital business world through this course. Digital promoting courses will last from three to eleven months. several multinationals, furthermore as native firms rent for this job.

Considering that digital promoting is one in every of the most popular fields at once, it'd be wise take up a digital promoting program when finishing B.Com. Digital promoting is one in every of the most effective courses when The essence of a digital promoting course is to introduce you to the planet of digital promoting, its core ideas, and techniques of building a digitally sound whole. Digital promoting courses concentrate on topics like SEO, SEM, SMM, email promoting, content promoting, PPC, web design, and so on. Digital promoting courses will last from three to eleven months. Digital promoting is one in every of the most effective course not only for BCom students except for virtually anyone.

As additional and additional firms area unit trying to determine their whole in digital domains, digital promoting could be a extremely promising career alternative these days. when finishing a digital promoting course, you'll be able to make a choice from job roles like digital promoting government, digital promoting manager, SEO government, social media promoting knowledgeable, content author, program seller, and far additional.

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