Career in Taxation & Auditing - Courses, Scope, Job, Salary, Colleges.

Career in Taxation & Auditing - Courses, Scope, Job, Salary, Colleges.

Career in Taxation & Auditing - Courses, Scope, Job, Salary, Colleges.

India is a developing country and is rapidly rising to new positions of development. This development work is done through direct or indirect taxes provided by all people. In a country with economic diversity like India, different types of taxes have been imposed on citizens. Which is increasing day by day.

This is why taxation has emerged as a very lucrative career in the new scenario. The area of ​​taxation is considered to be an area which plays an important role in the progress of the country and also provides employment opportunities. Taxation is a wide area, including tax collection, filing income tax return, Includes tax collection from companies and other legal aspects related to tax.

Due to mass movements against black money and corruption in India, Changes is also being done to build a transparent tax system. Due to this, new employment opportunities can be created in the area of ​​black money.

* What is Taxation :-

Taxation is a term for when a taxing authority, usually a government, levies or imposes a tax. The term "taxation" applies to all types of involuntary levies, from income to capital gains to estate taxes. Though taxation can be a noun or verb, it is usually referred to as an act; the resulting revenue is usually called "taxes."

* Different Types of Taxation :-

As mentioned higher than, taxation applies to any or all differing kinds of levies. These will embrace but don't seem to be restricted to :

  • Income tax : Governments impose financial gain taxes on money financial gain generated by all entities among their jurisdiction, together with people and businesses.

  • Corporate tax : This kind of tax is obligatory on the profit of a business.

  • Capital gains : A tax on capital gains is obligatory on any capital gains or profits created by individuals or businesses from the sale of sure assets together with stocks, bonds, or land.

  • Property tax : A land tax is asses by an area government and acquired by the owner of a property. This tax is calculated supported the property and land values.

  • Inheritance Tax : A sort of tax levied on people United Nations agency inherit the estate of a departed.

  • Sales tax : A consumption tax obligatory by a government on the sale of products and services. this will take the shape of a excise tax (VAT), a merchandise and services tax (GST), a state or provincial excise tax or AN excise.

* Demand in foreign countries :-

Apart from India, there are better employment opportunities in this sector also abroad. Even in foreign countries, big companies employ yogic professionals. Pay scale is given in these companies. In this sector, you will get a lot of opportunity abroad. There is a lot of chance in the taxation sector abroad that you will get a lot of progress in this career.

* Demand in Taxation :-

Government to recover their tax or to private companies their Government these professionals to see the accounting of taxes that have been to the demand for these professionals is increasing. Tax any Government Whether it is central government or state government Plays an important role. Money also comes from this process for necessary development. The demand for this work area is bound to increase.

* Job Opportunity :-

There is always a need for qualified professionals in the public sector who have given better performance in the field of taxation. Qualified professionals in this field can get good employment as a tax accountant, employment tax specialist,state local tax, attorney specialist,tax policy analyst, tax recruiter, tax examiner, collector and revenue agent in potential organizations.

* Education Qualification :-

Many colleges and universities in India offer courses in taxation. It is mandatory for a student to pass 12th from a recognized board to do undergraduate course. For the post graduate course, it is necessary to be a graduate in the relevant subject. To become an IAS officer or a custom, income tax officer, one has to pass through the entrance examination.

* Salary Package :-

In the area of ​​taxation, salary varies from institution to institution. You can earn up to 2-5 lakh's annually in this field. Along with your experience, salary is also increased in a foreign company, the salary is many times more.

* Courses in Taxation :- 

  • Diploma in Taxation 
  • B.Com in Taxation and Accounting
  • Certificate course in Taxation
  • Diploma in Income Tax and Company Law
  • M.Com in Finance and Taxation 
  • MBA in Taxation Management 
  • Bachelor in Accounting and Taxation
  • Specialized Program in Tax and Regulatory Management
  • Correspondence Course in Financial Accounting and Taxation

* Colleges / Institution :-

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