What is The Best IT Course, Career, Scope, Salary, Opportunities in India

The Best IT Course, Career, Scope, Salary, Opportunities in Hindi ?

What is The Best IT Course, Career, Scope, Salary, Opportunities in Hindi ?

  • Today we will know about IT sector information technology. What is the career, scope, salary, opportunities in the field of IT. Today I will tell you about all these. How can we make a career in the IT sector and what are the opportunities coming up.
  • Today I will share you all the points so that I can help you. I will tell you in detail, till date no one has told you.
  • What are the courses related to IT course, and when can you do this course. How much job opportunities are there in IT sector. What can be the demand in the salary package in the IT sector and the future of the IT sector. Which are the top companies in IT sector.

 ◆  IT Sector History  :- 

The IT sector / industry started in India in 1967 in Mumbai, this industry was started by Tata Group & Burroughs. First IT Park was also built in Mumbai itself. IT sector is an industry of 2 types. 1. Services, 2. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

In IT service, you can solve the problem in server, software and networking, it comes in all services.In the second step, giving the customer information about any products and giving them related instructions from the products and solving their problems, It all comes in BPO.

IT industry has become very big in today's time whole world as well as in India. Today, you will not believe that it imports 66% of IT services from Develop Country India. In the 1980's, more than 80% of the software was exported from the country. India's first software maker is Seepz.

Tidel Park was the largest IT park in Asia in 1999, at that time it was the largest IT park in Asia. But after that, Asia's largest IT park was built in Chennai itself. The IT sector contributes 7.7% to India's GDP. In 1998 there was 1.2% contribution, today it has 7.7 IT sector contribution.

The IT industry generated 2017 US $ 160 billion in revenue. On which, that $ 99 billion was done by Generate. India had exported $ 137 million in 2019, which had a growth rate of 8.3% from previous year.

India had raised that $ 175 billion in 2019. India's IT Company In near about 80 countries. After the Chine, there is the highest foreign investment in India. To prompt internal trade in the IT sector.

Some Software & Hardware Sector Attracted That $ 43.58 Billion 2019, - April 2020. So you can think how big is the IT industry. Now we will go how to join the IT sectorSo look, after you pass 12th, the student of any stream can join the IT sector by doing this course. When you are doing your degree, it is compulsory to have an IT course in your degree.

What is The Best IT Course, Career, Scope, Salary, Opportunities in Hindi ?

By doing these courses, you can make a career in IT sector. If you want, you can also do certification or diploma. I will recommit you in the order that you do the degree. There are some best careers for joining the IT sector, whose demand will never be reduced in the future.

Top IT Course    
1. Mobile App Development  2. Web Programming  3. Software Development  4. Data Security Officer  5. Project Management  6. Bootstrap  7. HTML  8. CSS

All these courses are always for you and the best in the IT sector all over the world. Because software is one of the highest paid jobs of a developer In the IT sector, that too in the whole world. In some I also tell you diploma courses, which you can make a career in IT field.

What is The Best IT Course, Career, Scope, Salary, Opportunities in Hindi ?

You can do these courses even after 10th, 12th. Now you must be wondering what is the salary package in IT field. If you are a degree and diploma holder, then a fresher can get salary up to 15-25 thousand. A fresher can get salary up to 12 - 18 thousand for those who do certification. 

But your quality also depends on how much your salary will be. And companies also show how big organization is there. As you have experience, then your salary will also get increased.

If you do a certification course with a job, you will get extra benefits with the job, written promotions, And if you join a new company, then you will get more post and salary of next level there too. There are some top companies in the IT industry where you can make a good career.

What is The Best IT Course, Career, Scope, Salary, Opportunities in Hindi ?

You can make a good career in these companies. Some of the top cities of India where the hub of the IT sector remains.

1. Bangalore  2. Chennai  3. Hyderabad  4. Pune  5. Kochi  6. Chandigarh

Research Awarding and Govt. Some of the Decisions have taken the decision to make Chandigarh the next IT hub. Chandigarh is going to be the hub of IT sector. Students who want to do IT jobs in Chandigarh and want to make a career in the field of IT. So there is no good opportunity for them in this city. The demand for IT jobs in Chandigarh is going to increase.

In the field of IT, the same person can be successful, who has knowledge and keeping himself updated on daily basis working with Honestly, the same person will be able to stand in the IT sector.

Top countries where the IT sector is on the boom. You can make your career by going to these foreign countries.

1. USA ( United State Of America )  2. Canada  3. UK ( United Kingdom )  4. Australia  5. France  6. Germany  7. Singapore  8. Spain  9. Netherlands  10.South Africa

These are all 10 countries where the IT sector is on the boom. If seen, the chances of growth of IT industry are high, the coming world is going to be the most dependent on technology. While using technology, someone is emailing someone or someone is developing software.
    There is a minimum chance of low demand for jobs in my accounting IT industry. Unless there is a corona-like crisis. If Any Queries So You Can Ask Me Any Time. I Will Helping You.

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